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!! Introduction To Programming Book !!

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Introduction to Programming: Second Edition

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In this book, Introduction to Programming, we're going to cover a lot of ground. I hope that you'll find the journey interesting and the destination rewarding. You are on your way to joining the elite of the new order (and assuming your proper position on the "bleeding edge" of technology). Your instructions are quite simple: Sit back, flex your typing fingers, and read on. The programming language we will use, WinBatch or WIL (Windows Interface Language), is a high-level language. This means that WinBatch allows you to perform tasks using relatively simple instructions that accomplish a great deal. And, perhaps more important, WinBatch allows you to write programs without needing to know all of the finer details of the Windows operating system.

Since the assumption is that you, the reader, are not an experienced programmer (or, in any case, not experienced with WinBatch), this book will start with the basics. We begin by showing you how to use the tools in the form of the WinBatch IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and then how to write simple programs.

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