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WIL SDK Total Function Limits

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Help! I am using 99F, Interpreter 2.8fbt using WBDBT321.

I have read that the Extender Entry Limit was raised from 100 to 200 in the version I am currently using. I have written 130 extender functions and as soon as my script calls the 101st function, a message box pops up that says: "Internal Error", "Could not access Extender Entry 0x03". Processing then continues (although with incorrect return values) and for each extender function called after 101, it does the same thing.

I am adding a SINGLE extender, that has 130 of my OWN functions. Obviously the 130 is LESS THAN 200. Can you assist in giving some clues about this "Internal Error"?? Do I have a configuration problem? or is there some coding issue inside my extender code that is not documented? Am I supposed to change something in the extender code to be able to use up to this supposed limit??



Older WIL Extender SDK :

Use the 2001A or newer format extenders:

2014A or newer :

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