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!! WIL SDK !!

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WIL SDK ported to Borland Delphi v4

Keywords: 	 WILSDK-D4.ZIP

For anybody who is interested in custom development of WIL extenders for use with WinBatch (Intel 32-bit versions):

After 4 days of peeking, poking, prodding, debugging and consuming vast quantities of sugar I have the WIL SDK 32-bit converted from its original 'C' language source code into the Object Pascal language used by Borland Delphi v4. The attached .ZIP file contains the necessary files to build a basic extender with Delphi.

I did not completely translate the entire 'WILX.C' file with all of its original functions. Instead, I wrote a few demo functions that exercise enough features of the SDK to prove that it works fine with WinBatch. There is enough code present in the port of the SDK to allow new extenders to be easily developed with Delphi.

Please email comments or bug reports to me ( and not to Wilson WindowWare or to the WinBatch Technical Support Forum as this is something that I have done on my own and the WW folks are not in any way obligated to provide support to anybody using this port of the WIL SDK.

The ZIP file is available from:


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