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How to tell if a window is a response dialog

Keywords:    modal response dialog modeless


Is there any way for WinBatch to determine whether a given window is a modal response dialog, as opposed to a modeless "main" window? My goal is to automatically close any response windows that may open while running batch jobs unattended.


The Control Manager Extender might help you out here. It can be downloaded from the WIL Add-Ons section of our download page.

Question (thread continued):

I have the Control Manager and have checked but so far been unable to find any way to tell if a window is a modal "response" dialog. Any other ideas? By the way, thanks for quick response time.


Hmmm. Is the window "modal". I know of no good way of checking. Perhaps if you hit the parent window with a cEnableState from the Control Manager extender. If the current window is modal, the parent should be disabled...
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