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EHLLAPI extender and Netmange Rumba for SNA

Keywords: 	   EHLLAPI extender support Netmange Rumba for SNA


Does the new EHLLAPI extender support Netmange Rumba for SNA? We are using another proprietary product from one of our vendors that we cannot get to work with Rumba SNA. We are migrating from Rumba SAA because the vendor (one and the same) has quit supporting this method of access to the mainframe.


The EHLLAPI extender supports RUMBA Mainframe regardless of the actual connection method used to connect the emulator to the mainframe. If you use the built-in SNA [e.g. DLC protocol] for direct SNA connections, an IRMA card, Microsoft SNA Server / Microsoft HIS2K, NetWare SAA Gateway or Telnet [e.g. TN3270], the terminal emulator is still the same. This extender simply makes use of the Enhanced HLLAPI services that the terminal emulator provides.
Article ID:   W15402
File Created: 2017:07:28:13:58:28
Last Updated: 2003:05:13:11:27:29