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Ehllapi and ssh

Keywords:   hllapi and ssh 


kudos on the new extenders. they will be a great assest to anyone that uses winbatch. one question that i do have is about ssh with the new hllapi dll. things like rumba and exceed are not secure telnet clients, is there a way to use the hllapi and a secure connection? what kind of possibilites are there for working with ssh?


Enhanced HLLAPI is simply an interface into the terminal emulation software that allows programmatic access to the terminal emulator's internal workings. It does not have anything to do with the underlying connection method used to connect the terminal emulator to the mainframe or AS/400 system. Now, what you can do is make use of some sort of VPN client [e.g. an IPSEC connection or a PPtP connection], or simply use a SSH port forwarder on your local system that relays data to a remote SSH server that then relays it on to another system.
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