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Exception in WHLLAPI.DLL Error

Keywords:   Exception in WHLLAPI.DLL Error


I'm having a problem.. Tried one of the examples from the Help File to test connecting to a 3270 Session

Title01 = 'Test ehllapiConnectPS()'

; Loads the RUMBA Mainframe HLLAPI Dll and uses the Enhanced interface specs.

ResultCode = lasterror()

TempMsg = strcat('ehllapiInit("EHLAPI32.DLL","",@TRUE) RC = ',ResultCode,@crlf)


; Assuming that a RUMBA session is running and is configured to use the
; short session name "B", we'll try to connect to it.

ResultCode = lasterror()

TempMsg = strcat('ehllapiConnectPS("B") RC = ',ResultCode,@crlf)


; Now we can do some screen-scraping work, etc...

Came up with the folowing error dialog
Exception in WHLLAPI.DLL
Invalid Return Code Pointer. Parameter Cannot be NULL.
Windows = 98
WinBatch = 2002f
Terminal Emulation = Personal Communications 5.0

My terminal emulator is set up to use a short HLLAPI session name:

Short Names = Yes (OBJECT Rexx uses A,B etc)

Any ideas??


Nothing comes to mind immediately... That's some sort error message displayed by the O.S. or perhaps by the terminal emulator in response to some sort of pointer fault. Is that actually showing up in some sort of message box?

Here are some questions to research:

  1. What is the name of the EHLLAPI DLL file for your terminal emulator, and is it located on the system search path?

  2. Are you calling ehllapiInit() properly, and using the correct value for 16/32 bit interface structures?

  3. Have you tried enabling DebugTrace() in your script so that we can get a trace of what's going on in the script up to the last line that was successfully executed before the failure occurred?

  4. Make sure that "EHLLAPI.DLL" is the name of the EHLLAPI interface DLL that you specify in the call to ehllapiInit(). Finally, report back on any errors that occur. If no errors occur, then it is working OK. You won't see any visible results in the terminal emulator if that script snippet runs OK. However, the script will display a message boxe to indicate the success/failure of the ehllapiConnectPS() function call.

  5. If this is Attachmate that you're working with then it is going to use a 16-bit Standard HLLAPI data structure [internally], so be sure to honor this requirement when using ehllapiInit().


    Seems to be a problem with IBM Personal Communications [v5.6?] from IBM. We're working on it.
    Article ID:   W15404
    File Created: 2017:07:28:13:58:28
    Last Updated: 2003:05:13:11:27:29