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IBM WebSphere Host On Demand



On a WINDOWS 2000 networked PC what is the "best" way to automate 3270 screens when using IBM WebSphere Host On-Demand ver 5.0.5-5.

Although I would like to use WinBatch I cannot determine the IBM Ehallapi DLL (or IBMs equivalent).


I did a quick search of IBM's web site, and you can download the files from the following location:

If you test it with the EHLLAPI extender, be aware that you might have to specify the same "personality flags" that are used to get the extender to work properly with the IBM Personal Communications software. I'm going to hazard a guess that IBM would simply have ported over their existing EHLLAPI implementation as a bolted-on addition to the Host On-Demand software. If that is true, then the same "bugs" exist that need to be accomodated by using the correct personality flags value in the ehllapiInit() function.

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