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Huge Math

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Computing Large Integers

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I am having a problem working with large numbers. I am trying to track a cursor position over a large file and when I attempt to increment the number above 2147483647 I get inaccurate results. I've tried using the INT function with no luck. Any suggestion on how to work around this?


Integer constants are built from the digits 0 through 9. They can range in magnitude of approximately two billion. Constants larger than these permissible magnitudes will produce unpredictable results.

In addition, in the current version of WinBatch (at least) there are some optional parameters to some functions that return numbers n a "hugemath" format.

Maybe check out the Hugemath Extender.

Note. If you are using the Hugemath extender, be very careful NOT to do any normal math operations on your numbers, lest you destroy them.

Also see article W13031.

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