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706 MapiSendMail Failed


We are getting an error that says WIL Extender Error: 706: MapiSendMail Failed from our winbatch scripts. This error is only happening on 2 of the 3 boxes we have. The boxes have Windows NT. (The email function was working properly until we lost our domain and had to switch everyone over to use Active Directory.) Any ideas on what could be causing this error now? Thanks for your help.


Are you able to successfully launch the Mail/fax control panel applet on these problem systems?

Delete the wwwbatch.ini file (located in the windows directory).

Add DebugTrace(@on, "trace.txt") to the beginning of the script.

Run the script until it errors.

Look at the resulting trace.txt and wwwbatch.ini files.

User Reply:

Yes, we are able to launch the mail on those systems that are having the issue. wwwbatch.ini indicates MAPI_E_FAILURE.


My guess is there is some problem with the MAPI setup on these systems. Are you able to sucessfully send email from within Outlook? Can you send email from within Microsoft Word on these systems?

User Reply:

We use Novell Groupwise for email. We found that there were some corrupted files, so we will need to reinstall it. Thank you all for your help. By the way, the DebugTrace function was very helpful.
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