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MAPI Error 701

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I have downloaded the MAPI extender and am trying to use the example to send an email. I am getting an error 'WIL Extender Error: 701: Invalid Mapi DLL'. I used the mCompatible () function and it comes back successful. I do not see any reference to this error... What am I doing wrong?
ret=mSendMail(recip_email,"My Subject","This message was mailed at %Time%",file,"")
Here is my Trace file


*** Debug Initialized ***

Fri 8/28/2009 8:06:42 AM
WinBatch Studio 2007E
WIL DLL 5.16eep
Windows platform: NT, version: 5.1, build: 2600 (Service Pack 3)
ErrorMode: @CANCEL

----- Extender loaded: C:\Program Files\WinBatch\SYSTEM\WWMAP44I.DLL (file version: 44011,0,0,0)

(484) VALUE INT => 1

(969) VALUE STRING => ""

(1766) VALUE STRING => "Fri 8/28/2009 8:06:43 AM"

(2391) VALUE STRING => "C:\temp\test.txt"

ret=mSendMail(recip_email,"My Subject","This message was mailed at Fri 8/28/2009 8:06:43 AM",file,"") 
(18328) VALUE INT => 0

TERMINAL EXTENDER ERROR=>701 (701: Invalid Mapi DLL)

;;;END OF JOB;;;

---------- Begin structure stack dump ----------
1 call 0 
-------- End structure stack dump --------

---------- Begin WWWBATCH.INI dump ----------
ErrorString=Ole: Exception
ScriptLine=oWS.Cells(r, 2).Value = oUser.FullName
[Error Reporting]
[COM Sub-system]
ErrorCode=16389 (0x80004005)
ErrorDesc=Unspecified error

LastError=127 (mSendMail - GETPROCADDRESS)

----------- End WWWBATCH.INI dump -----------


The extended error information written to the debugtrace output:
LastError=127 (mSendMail - GETPROCADDRESS)
tells me that the extended error is 127. This Windows system error indicates 'the specified procedure could not be found'. ERROR_PROC_NOT_FOUND

Basically the MAPI Extender is expecting a certain set of functions in the MAPI32.DLL

This extender requires a Full MAPI Client in order to work, such as: Microsoft Exchange, Windows Messaging, Microsoft Exchange Server Client or Outlook [the full version, not Express].

Do you have any Full MAPI clients installed on this system? If so which client and version?

User Reply:

I do have Outlook 2007 installed. I went to a different machine that has Outlook 2007 and Windows Messaging installed and it worked just fine. Looks like its an issue with my machine.


You mentioned you now have Outlook 2007. After some research I found that it no longer contains the Messaging API (MAPI) client as a part of the base product installation. As a result, there is functionality missing that the MAPI Extender depends on! Reference:

Your options are to download and install the Messaging API (MAPI) client from the above link or to abandon MAPI and use the Postie Extender to handle sending email.

Other Suggestions:

  1. Check the version of the mapi32.dll.

  2. Go to the control panel and make sure you can launch the 'mail' applet.

  3. Check the eventlogs on your system to see if you can find anything relating to MAPI or Outlook.

  4. Try running FixMapi.exe:

User Reply:

When comparing my machine to the working machine, nothing looked different as mentioned above but I ran the fixmapi.exe anyway. Even though there is no indication that it fixmappi.exe even ran, it did the trick. My machine is able to send emails using Winbatch and the MAPI extender.
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