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Mapi Logon Failure

Keywords: 	  profile name


I have written a winbatch script that when run from the NT command line formats and delivers E-mail using the mapi functions correctly. I have a power monitor utility that allows a script to be run when the UPS is about to fail. The script runs the WBT program. When it attempts to do the Mlogon function using the 'Mapiextender DLL' I just downloaded results in an WIL Extender Error: 703 Mapi Logon Failed. I have fought with this for hours.


I suspect the power utility is launching the script under the service account that does not have MAPI installed or a MAPI profile.

You might set the utility up to use your userid and password instead of he LocalSystem account to run (Control Panel -> Services)

Or if you have a SMTP server available, try the Postie extender instead.


I think you have hit the nail on the head. I'm going to look further into the settings with the service account.

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