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Calling a MS SQL Server 2000 Stored Procedure


I've got a stored procedure that does some complex query work and returns a rowset. I do all the allocations, and connections just fine, and then try:
retcode = qExecDirect(hstmt,'ExpressPassDays')
If (retcode != @QSUCCESS) && (retcode != @QSUCCESSINFO)
Message("qExecDirect failed", retcode)
It hits the error and terminates. I've tried making the SQL statement argument an Execute() statement with a variety of quote formats; no joy.

The stored procedure works fine from SA with the same credentials and from Excel with the same ODBC datasource, just not from Winbatch.


I recommend calling qError(hstmt, 2) and displaying the output. It should explain why it doesn't like that stored procedure (SP).

Maybe try:

retcode = qExecDirect(hstmt,'{call ExpressPassDays}')
retcode = qExecDirect(hstmt,'{execute ExpressPassDays}')

User Reply:

That got me there. For anyone who needs to do this:

Even though the ODBC datasource points to the database where the stored procedure lives I had to call the fully qualified name. Before I added the fully qualified name the error message indicated that the ODBC driver was unable to find the stored procedure. That is, given that the stored procedure exists in a DB named 'JHMR_Custom':

retcode = qExecDirect(hstmt,'ExpressPassDays')
failed, but
retcode = qExecDirect(hstmt,'JHMR_Custom.dbo.ExpressPassDays')


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