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Invalid Cursor State Error

Keywords:   statement handle and invalid cursor state


I have a problem wiht Update Statmants within the ODBC Extender. My Select Query is like this:
	groups = qExecDirect(hstmtgrp,"SELECT * FROM %TableNameGroupDB% WHERE USERNAME = '%username%'")
works without any problems. But a Statement like:
	retcode = qExecDirect(hstmtusr,"UPDATE UserDB SET CreateUser=0")
does not work. The same statement defined in Access97 works fine!

The ErrorMessage I get is:

	24000 [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Invalid cursor state
I get this error every time no matter how i format the Statement.

Can anybody help me??


You cannot reuse the Statement Handle when the cursor is in use in this memory table. Take a look at the function qFreeStmt. Try one of the following to free up a stmt handle:
	qFreeStmt(hstmt, 0)


	qFreeStmt(hstmt, 2)

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