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ODBC and Services


I have a script I am trying to schedule to run using AutoIntern. The script attempts to access an ODBC DSN, but fails right away on the qAllocEnv command when run from the scheduler. If I run the script outside of the scheduler it works great. Any idea's why?


What type of DSN is the script trying to access exactly? User DSN or System DSN?

Generally scheduled scripts run as a service. That service would not have access to a User DSN. You need to make sure you create a System DSN if you want that service to be able to access ODBC.

User DSN
A user DSN is just that, a DSN for a specific user. If I create a user DSN under my user account, no other user can see it or use it. The DSN is for me and me alone. If you need a connection to a data source that only you should use, choose a user DSN.

System DSN
A system DSN is a DSN that is seen by the entire system. Any user can see it, as well as any process or service. If you need a data source connection that should be seen more than just your user account, choose to use a system DSN. This is especially true if you are trying to establish a connection through a service.

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