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Can someone remind me why we need to check the return code against both @qSuccess and @qSuccessInfo? Why the two values? What's the difference between them?


@Success is like "Hey It worked"

@SuccessInfo is "It worked, but there is something you better know about"

Not sure but qError might be able to fish out the information if 2SuccessInfo is returned.

In my experience, the @SuccessInfo is benign [in terms of error]. It often is returned when fetching data with 'prepared' statements, the INFO probably reminding you it is prepared; or it may inform you that some 'null' values were returned; or it may have a timestamp 'hiccup'. Worse case might be an ODBC timeout, where everything was returned save the last row of data.

You might also see it commonly when you try to set a handle attribute which the driver doesn't support, or which is incompatible with some other attribute you set, and the driver manager changes the attributes from the ones you set. The diagnostic description is something like "attribute changed".

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