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qFetch with Empty Cell not Working Correctly

Keywords: 	  qFetch Empty Cell returns incorrect values


From the documentation in the ODBC Extender help file, it looks like qGetData returns only a single cell in a result set. I'm having a problem when one of my cells is empty, e.g.
	ColA ColB ColC

	aa   ab   ac
	ba        bc
	ca   cb   cc
The values I get for the WIL variable bound to ColB differ depending on whether I use qFetch or qGetData. When using qGetData, I get first "ab" then "" then "cb", which is correct. However, when using qFetch I get first "ab" then "ab" then "cb", which is incorrect -- the second qFetch should return a null string for the ColB variable.

Since qGetData works as expected, I can use it to accomplish my task. I just can't figure out why qFetch is responding differently. The most likely explanation is, of course, that there's something peculiar in my code. I tried several tests but haven't been able to find anything wrong with it yet so I thought it might be a bug in the underlying qFetch function.


This has been fixed in versions of the ODBC DLL after January 7, 1999, so check that you have the latest DLL.
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