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Latest WIL Postie Extender News


Ver 44051, December 7, 2016

      Fixed bug that caused a password longer than about 55 characters to be sent to an 
      SMTP server as multiple lines by the kSendFile or kSendText function.

      Fixed bug that caused some email messages to be marked as read when the brief (h) 
      flag was used with the IMAP (4) flag and the kGetMail function.  The bug caused the 
      first messages to remain unmarked but all following messages were marked as read.  
      Per the IMAP protocol, messages should not be marked as read when the brief flag is 

      Fixed bug in the kGetMail function that caused random data to be written to the 
      specified output file when the '4h' flag combination was used in the 'flags' parameter. 

Ver 44050, September 14, 2016

     Fixed bug in base 64 encoding that caused a long user name and password combination 
     to be sent as two encoded lines. The IMAP protocol requires that user name and 
     password responses be on a single base 64 encoded line.

Ver 44049, January 21, 2015

     Fix buffer overrun problem that sometimes causes a generic system error message
     when using base 64 encoding.

     Extender can now provide more error information about severe system errors in
     both the wwwbatch.ini file and the WinBatch 'More Error Info' error message dialog.
Ver 44048, July 11, 2012

     Fix an attachment mixup problem in the kGetMail function that ocurred when
     a single email had both multiple attachments and alternate text.
ver 44047, June 15, 2011

     Fixed process heap corruption problem in the kGetMail function that caused 
     the extender to occasionally report a 1004 unknown system error.

Ver 44046, February 07, 2011

   Fixed bug that made the 'kDeletePop3' function unaccessible.

Ver 44045, January 19, 2011
   Removed restrictions on the length of text parameters passed to the 
   kDest function.

Ver 44044, January 05, 2011

   Added a sixth optional 'connection security' string parameter
   to the kInit function.  If specified, this optional parameter 
   causes the extender to use either the Transport Layer Security 
   (TLS) or its predecessor, the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), 
   cryptographic protocol for privacy and authentication when 
   communicating with an SMTP, POP3, or IMAP server.
   The parameter accepts a blank string (""), "ssl", or "tls" as a 
   value. For most servers you can use "tls" when you need to 
   securely connect to a server.  The "ssl" option is provide for 
   compatibly with legacy server implementations that may not 
   support the newer TLS protocol. A blank string is equivalent to 
   omitting the parameter entirely and indicates that no TLS or SSL 
   protocol is to be used with the connection. 
   In most cases you will not need to specify a port number in the 
   function's fifth parameter when using "tls" or "ssl" as the extender 
   automatically uses the default TLS or SSL port for both sending and 
   receiving email.

   Fixed a bug that prevented the kExtra function's third parameter from being
   used as the domain name in the HELO EHLO messages.

   This version of the extender requires WinBatch 2004b or newer and Windows
   2000 or newer.

Ver 44043, May 25, 2007

   Fixed a problem with iso encoded Base64 header string.

Ver 44042, Mar 27, 2006

   Removed a stray debug error message introduced in the 44041 version.

Ver 44041, Mar 17, 2006
   Fixed a problem where doing an IMAP4 PURGE would redownload the
   entire contents of the purged mailbox.

Ver 44040  July 28, 2005

   Added ability to override domain info used in the HELO and EHLO
   SMTP protocol messages as parameter 3 of the kExtra function. If
   paramter 3 of kExtra is not blank and is not 0 then it will be used.
   Generally it should be a hint to the mail server about what mail 
   domain to use.
Ver 44039  April 14, 2005

   Fixed a possible bug introduced in the 10034 version that
   caused a crash when trying to get header information with
   IMAP4 in some cases.  Hopefully this is a benign fix.

Ver 44038  Mar 31, 2005

   Fixed an issue where if multiple file attachments followed a 
   multipart/alternative message block (i.e. message has both text/html
   and text/plain version) then the names of the attachments were not
   applied to the correct attachment.

   The Postie extender has been updated to a new
   format to allow more descriptive function names and
   additional parameters.  This version of the extender
   requires	WinBatch 2004B or newer to run.  This
   extender will not work on WinBatch 2004A or older.
   In addition, so as not to affect existing scripts using
   a previous version of this extender, the extender DLL
   has been renamed to include a 44I in the DLL name
   instead of a 34I.  Old and new versions of this
   extender can *usually* co-exist side by side.
   To use the new extender with old scripts and with
   WinBatch 2004B or newer you will need to change the
   AddExtender line in the script to reflect the new DLL
   name.   e.g.
   should become
Version 10037  13 May 2004

   Further fix to the 10035 version.  Attempting to save the Content-Type
   information even at least the extract flag is set even if there is no
   target file name specified as of yet.

Version 10036  6 May 2004

   Fixed problem in marking IMAP4 email messages for Delete
Version 10035  22 April 2004

   Added feature to accept Content Type: line without ;name= parameter as long as
   some name has been assigned to the attachment prior to the Content Type: line.

Version 10034  25 March 2004

   Fixed a bug caused by malformed content partitions and the Netsky viri.
Version 10033  15 July 2003

   Fixed "Date Sent" header to compensate for daylight savings time.

   Fixed kGetMail "d" option to not download entire message and just
   delete the message.  Note "d" option is multually exclusive to all
   other options

Version 10032  04 Mar 2003


Version 10031  28 Feb 2003

   Fixed problem where machines that do not have "NameServer" or "DhcpNameServer"
   configured in the registry, was resulting in a DOS box popping up and
   running IPCONFIG /ALL to parse that information.  The command window should no 
   longer appear on these particular machines.
Version 10030  19 Feb 2003

   Re-enabled a number of options, e.g., the "h" flag for kSendText/kSendFile
   and "n" for nntp posting, which were unintentionally disabled in the newly 
   migrated v10027-v10029 versions of WIL Postie.
Version 10029  07 Feb 2003

   Added back in the Aug 17, 1999 fix for CGI incompatibility problem.

Version 10028  06 Feb 2003
      kGetMail now correctly saves text/plain messages to an outputfile. 
      The "h" flag saves the first line of each message body to the outputfile.
      The "f" flag saves the full message body to the outputfile.
      The "r" flag saves the full message body and the headers to the outputfile.

Version 10027
   28 January 2003

   Ported the October 2002 Postie source code from Infradig into the 
   WIL Postie code.

   Added ESMTP support to Postie.  Use the "e" flag with kSendText
   and kSendFile.  Note that userid and password are required for ESMTP
   posting to authenticate.  Do not specify userid and password for
   plain SMTP posting.

   Added CRAM-MD5 authentication for ESTMP and IMAP4.

   Changed allocation of memory in kGetMail so now memory is allocated
   dynamically, and download sizes are no longer limited.  Now the 
   "Holding buffer size exceeded" message should no longer appear.

   Added "f" (full headers) flag to the kGetMail function.

Version 10026
   2 January 2002

   Fixed kGetMail so that port number can be reset to the port
   thru which the user wants to receive the downloaded email messages.

   Fixed priority settings in kSendText and kSendFile.  In v10026, 
   when neither the "1" (high priority) or "2" ("low priority") 
   flags are set, the default "normal" flag gets set, and, in so doing, 
   the "X-Priority" and "Importance" headers now are correctly set to 
   "normal" (these headers weren't showing up for the case when neither 
   the 1 or 2 flags were set in prior versions of the extender.)

Version 10025
   18 December 2001

   Added 'q' option to automatically decode headers with 

Version 10024
   3 December 2001

   Fixed kGetMail delete flag so that it is reset to 0 after each
   kGetMail call, so that subsequent kGetMail calls do not continue
   to delete POP3 email messages.

Version 10023
   2 October 2001

   Fixed kManageImap so that it did not purge all Inbox messages
   when used in the same script as kGetMail with the delete flag set.
Version 10022
	31 May 2001

	Added more fixes to kManageImap4 for purge operation, which
        was GPFing because sufficient memory had not been allocated
        to return the message string.

Version 10021
	24 May 2001

	Fixed a bug introduced by the fix to kManageImap4.  A little cut
        and paste operation went awry, but now the mail messages are
        again getting returned to the message buffer in kGetMail.

Version 10020
	16 May 2001
	Fixed the kManageImap4 function, which was GPFing when purging
        large mailboxes.  The memory allocation for this function
	has been increased to 640K.

Version 10019
        26 Apr 2001

        Added "d" option for dsn (request delivery status notification) 
        & "m" option for mdn (request mail disposition notification) 
        features to kSendText and kSendFile functions.

        Added "c" option to kGetMail to return a receipt when retrieving
        mail from a server that has either a dsn or mdn request in it.

Version 10018
        16 Apr 2001

	Made another change to kGetMail to clear the delete flag.

Version 10017
        13 Apr 2001

        Fixed problem wherein if you set the delete flag in kGetMail
        and then ran subsequent kGetMails in a loop NOT setting the 
        delete flag, the delete flag never actually got cleared.

Version 10016
        16 March 2001

        Added error checking for the following illegal specifications:

        pat|nopat  - Illegal to have both pat and no pat; they're 
                     mutually exclusive.

        pat|       - Don't follow pat with a vertical bar.

        |""         - Illegal to have null string for nopat.

Version 10015
        20 Feb 01

        Changed X-mailer text to:
        "X-Mailer: WIL Postie Extender www-winbatch-com"
        so that the header info doesn't act like a link.

        Fixed Postie so that email addresses starting with
        '!', e.g., !, will now be processed.

Version 10014
        Fixed Postie so that tabs in messages, attachments, and headers
        are not converted to spaces.

Version 10013
        Dec 12, 2000 
        The POSTIE extender has been updated to a few format
                to allow more descriptive function names and additional
                parameters.  This version of the extender requires
                WinBatch 2001A or newer to run.  This extender will 
                not work on WinBatch 2000C or older.
                In addition, so as not to affect existing scripts using 
                a previous version of this extender, the extender DLL 
                has been renamed to include a 34I in the DLL name 
                instead of a 32I.  Old and new versions of this 
                extender can *usually* co-exist side by side.
                To use the new extender with old scripts and with 
                WinBatch 2001A or newer you will need to change the 
                AddExtender line in the script to reflect the new DLL 
                name.   e.g.
                should become

Version 10012 
        Nov 27, 2000

        Fixed Postie so that the "\" backslash character is not
        stripped off in text of To, From, Subject, Msgs, Files, etc.

Version 10011 
        Oct 10, 2000

        Dispensed with the limitation on 255 length limitation in
        parameters in kSendText, kSendFile and kDest.

Version 10010 
        Sept 12, 2000

        Added "t" (-text) option to kGetMail to allow for text
        attachments to be written in native mode (the default
        setting is binary mode.)

Version 10009 
        May 24, 2000

        kSendText/kSendFile now work during daylight savings time.
        In previous versions, all messages sent via these functions
        were showing up with a time stamp that is the sending
        computer's time +1 hour.

Version 10008  
        Mar 7, 2000

        Removed IMAP4 posting from source code and help files.  
        From RFC 2060: IMAP4rev1 does not specify a means of posting mail; 
        this functionality is handled by a mail transfer protocol such as [SMTP].

Version 10007 
        Mar 6, 2000

        Attachments now get CRLFs added to end of lines.

Version 10006  
        Feb 23, 2000

        kStatusInfo now returns the status of the previous statement executed
        and any error information.

Version 10005  
        Feb 21, 2000

        Added base64 encoding of Subject, To, and From headers along with the 
        message body.

Version 10004  
        Feb 14, 2000

        Added kExtra function, to specify charset and base64 encoding. 

        Attachments now get written out to the current working directory
        regardless of whether or not the second parameter, outputfile, is

        See help file for details about how attachments are handled when using
        the "raw" and "headers" options.

Version 10003
        Sep 7, 1999

        New version of Postie extender posted.  This posting of Postie publishes 
        the procedures that allow you to purge the postings that you are 
        potentially perusing.

Version 10002
        Aug 17, 1999

        New version of Postie posted. Works with WebBatch now.

Version 10001
        Aug 16, 1999

        Released Postie v10001, which increases the second parameter 
        in kSendText (the message body) to an unlimited size (only limited 
        by your machine's memory).

Version 10000
        August 13, 1999 03:51 PM 

        Initial Release.

*** NEW POSTIE EXTENDER v10000*** 

The Ultimate Internet Email extender. Sends and receives POP3, IMAP4, and NNTP (newsgroup) email. 
Able to send and receive mime or uuencoded attachments.

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