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Change the DNS Name in Header

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I am using Postie to send SMTP mail. The header of a message sent this way includes the DNS name and IP address of the host I run the script on. Is there a way to change the DNS name that is included in the header? I did see this in the Postie Help...

The Postie extender really wants a DNS served IP address. However many people have found that by simply putting an entry for that IP address in your HOSTS file, you can circumvent the need for a DNS lookup. Note however that the HOSTS file is often updated by other mail programs. To make changes to this file, look for a HOSTS.SAM file in your Windows directory and examine it. It usually has some comments that tell you how to set it up. You may have to reboot to make it effective.


Yes try adding an entry in the Hosts file for the IP of the local computer and then the DNS name you wanted it to stamp in the mail header. How Do I Change My Hosts File? Steps for forcing your local machine to send email prior to the DNS changes propagating. Please keep in mind that the normal wait time for propagation of nameservers is 48 hours. localhost
Add the second line in this example to your hosts file. You may also need to reboot for the change to take effect.

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That did the trick.
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