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Error Status: 550 Relaying is prohibited

Keywords:   error Status: 550 Relaying is prohibited  kSendFile kSendText


I'm having problems sending email with Postie. When using the kSendText with kStatusInfo command, I get the following error message:
Status: 550 Relaying is prohibited
Does this mean that the evil e-mail admin has specifically disabled this functionality from exchange?


Well, it depends where you are.

Are you "inside" the ares the mailserver knws about or "outside".

If inside, then all your email tends to work.

If outside, then you can send email to any "inside" address, but cannot use that mail server to send email to "outside" addresses. If outside, then you should have another mail server that considers you "inside". Use that one.

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File Created: 2017:07:28:13:58:35
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