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Postie Error 501


When running this script we are getting this error.
501 HELO requires domain name 
What does this mean? and how do we stop it?


I think it may have to do with the 'from address' you are specifying. Please post the values of the commandline variables mailserver, mailfrom, mailchannel.

User Reply:

; Debug code
;param0 = 1
;param1 = ",25,,c:\temp\wllog.log,N:\Winbatch\Technical\4A\WLMAIL\test.msg"

if you look in the code the PARAM1 information is the debug code we used here, unfortunatly code on fails on a client site.

From reading the SMTP guides on the internet does WinBatch POSTIE do a HELO or HELO {Domain Name} ?????


I understand it does a
HELO (computername)
What is the computer name of the computer it is failing on. Ummm does the computername of the sending computer have an underscore in it?

What is the computer name of the clients system?

Please have the client open a DOS prompt and type

ipconfig /all >debug.txt
then somehow get that file to us for examination.

It kind of seems like something in the clients TCP/IP network setup is misconfigured.

User Reply:

Think we found the fault. Client had a local policy on a "new" firewall that was causing the problem, hopefully they will remove it and Bob's your uncle.
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