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Postie Speed

Keywords: bulk mail email throughput speed limitation


What should be my expected throughput using the Postie extender to send a 1200 character email to 26K addresses all on same internal mail server using same internal smtp server/access? I've run a few small tests and come up with about 1sec per message. That will equate to 7+ hours.


Well, Postie is no speed demon, and it was not at all designed to optimize execution speed. The connection to the email server is created and destroyed for each email message.

If this were a low priority kind of thing I needed to do once, I would just let it run and be happy. But, if on the other hand, if it is either a more repetitive kind of thing, or if time is of the esssence, I would be off looking for a more targeted program.

If I needed to send a big batch of email, I would probably use either Perl, with the Mail::SMTP package, or my MailMan library function, which is implemented in C#, and uses the SMTP classes in the .NET Framework.

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