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Postie WIL Extender Load Error 1437


I am trying to load the Postie Extender dll (WWPST34I.DLL) on my WIndows 95 system. I get Postie WIL Extender Load Error - Extender Dll Could Not Be Loaded 1437 I am running WinBatch 2004G.


It seems the Postie Extender requires the iphlpapi.dll system dll. iphlpapi.dll is a module containing the functions used by the Windows IP Helper API.

Windows 95 apparently doesn't contain this file by default. It looks like installing Internet Exploror 5.5 or newer will install this system dll.

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File Created: 2017:07:28:13:58:36
Last Updated: 2007:07:03:14:26:32