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Postie and MS Exchange

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Does Postie work with Exchange?

I'm not sure that exchange uses a standard format? Can I just put the name of the exchange server?

Any ideas? I would like to send HTML messages through the MS Exchange system. Postie can do it, if I can get it to work with exchange.


  1. Generally, proprietary email systems like Novell GroupWise, Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes, among many, have proprietary clients that don't use SMTP to send messages or POP3 to receive messages.

    You may be able configure MS Exchange as a POP3 server to allow diverse email clients to be used to retrieve email messages. It may also be possible to configure it as an SMTP server.

  2. If you have the "Internal Mail Connector" (IMC) installed on Exchange then you can use Postie to send out emails.

    Just point Postie to the Exchange Server where the IMC is installed. While you can specify just the Exchange Server name for the Server in Postie, your Sender and Recipient email addresses still need to be valid SMTP addresses (xxx@yyy.zzz)

  3. Generally if you can receive HTML Internet email, then *somehow* you can get Postie to send it.

    It might not be sent to the mail server you might expect, but generally a corporate mail server can be found that will accept it.

    The first trick is to find a piece of email sent to you from the outside world.

    To view the headers for the email and figure out all the mail machines that "touched" the email as it cam towards youu. Find the first company mail server in the chain. Try using that as your Postie mail host.

    If you use Outlook, you may be able to use OLE with outlook to send the mail.

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