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Problem with Returned Email


I am trying to send E-mails to people both inside and outside of our mail server. When I send an E-mail to an invalid address that resides on my mailserver I immediately get a response from kSendText (0) that tells me that the E-mail did not go through. The problem is that when I send an E-mail to someone outside of my mailserver that does not exist, I do not receive anything back that lets me know that the E-mail did not go to anyone. What do I have to do to make it so that I know if an E-mail went to the person that I wanted it to go to?

I am using WinBatch 2003F and the Postie Extender WWPST34I.DLL. We are using an SMTP mail server for outgoing E-mails. Below is a sample of the WinBatch that I am using (I have deleted all of the other items leading up to this).

userid = ""
password = ""
port = ""
cclist = ""
bcclist = ""
attachments = ""
flags = ""

b = kSendText(subject1,body1,attachments,flags)
If b == 0 Then Message ("", "E-mail was not sent) 


Not too much you can do. If the remote mail server send back a delivery failure email, you can try to capture those as they trickle in over the next few days, process them and deal with it.

Tends to be a disaster as there is no real standard on what the returned email error message is supposed to look like.

Try it in your mail client to see what happens. You will see the email get sent, then a while later see a error email appear in your in box.

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