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SMTP Session Authentication Failed

Keywords: 	 SMTP session authentication failed


Hi! I'm developing a script that should send an email using the postie extender (I'm using it because I need to send messages in HTML format...), but my ISP requires me to authenticate before sending the message. I read carefully the documentation about postie extender but it seems that the kInit parameters user and password are used only for POP3 and not for SMTP: when I try to send the message the SMTP server returns an error showing that I'm not authenticated. Is there any workaround to solve my problem?

Thanks in advance for your help!


SMTP does not require authentication and there is no mechanism to allow it.

However some ISP's have a trick where you check your email with POP3 (which requires a userid and password) and then they remember you for a while so you can then do SMTP.

  1. Check with your ISP on what authentication method they use.

  2. Try using Postie to check your POP3 account (open it and close it) before doing the SMTP and see if that works.

Question (cont'd):

I tried what you suggested, but the problem persists. Specifically the error is:

"Status 501.5.7.1 This system is not configured to relay from to for"

The problem started when my ISP installed a new mail server that required a password to send mail (i.e., ESMTP) (I guess it's an antispam measure). After the upgrade I had to modify my account properties in Outlook: in the server tab I had to enable "server authentication required" in the outgoing mail section; then I had to click on settings to specify a username and password.


  1. There is ESMTP which the SMTP code in the eariler versions of the Postie extender did not support. This requires further testing. (Try using the current extender which supports ESMTP)

  2. The error message you are getting does not look like a SMTP authentication error message. It looks more like an unrecognised source computer error message. Trying to use an SMTP server from an "off-network" location.

Question (cont'd):

I tried to send a message from an outline PC, and I got the following error message: "Could not connect to server:,error=-10060".

By the way I was able to replicate the error "Status 501.5.7.1 This system is not configured to relay from to for" simulating a mail send with Telnet.


What do you mean by an "outline PC"??

You are getting the same error via Telnet, and the 10060 error occurs when Telnet or Postie do not receive a response from the server within a specified timeout period. The message indicates, "Error reading from network. Cause: connection timed out (10060)."

The server may not have responded within the specified time-out period because of an inordinate amount of traffic on the server.

It also looks also like they may have implemented ESMTP, as well as other measures to help prevent hijacking by spammers.

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