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Text Attachments and Conversion of CRLFs to LFs

Keywords:     line ending conversion CRLF to LF


I've noticed that txt file attachments when written out by Postie have CRLFs converted to LFs only. In addition, if the last attachment is a text file or the message has no attachments, the message output file has CRLFs. If the last attachment in the message is another type (I.E. - zip, jpg, mid, mp3), the message output file has only LFs.


Ummm. There is a *lot* of auto-conversion of line endings that occur in Internet email.

I think perhaps you are running into those issues. Not sure. But there is a whole lot of stuff avout converting line ending to "native" machine format. It also depends on the options selected. See the "t" kGetMail option.

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