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kGetMail with Delete Flag and Groupwise


I am attempting to retrieve email from a Novell Groupwise server that is set up to support POP3. However if I attempt to delete the messages from the server using kGetMail's 'd' flag, or the kDeletePop3 function it fails to delete the email from the server.

I am testing with only one file on the server. The functions successfully return the string 'Deleted message # 1'. However if I attempt to get the file from my GroupWise client it is still on the server. Also if I attempt to call kGetMail again, it returns the same retrun value 'Deleted message # 1'. What can I do to make sure these files are begin deleted?


The functions seem to think they are successfully executing. The developers hypothesized that maybe the pop3 server is not allowing the deletion. It could be some kind of security setting that disallows a POP3 client from deleting the email from the server.

There is a document on Novell's site that explains how to allow deletes from a POP3 client. If you turn this feature on you should be able to delete e-mails using the Postie Extender.

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