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kSendMail Error 10060


I've run into a problem recently in sending email from one of my accounts that I am trying to debug. It is NOT a problem with Winbatch and it would seem that the account/server itself are working fine (sending from another system works great). However, my main system no longer allows me to send email via this particular account and I'm trying to find out what it is.

When trying to send, I get the error:

Could not connect to server, error= -10060
I would like to know what that is, so I can try and find out what's going on with my system. Can anyone point me to a reference for error codes?


I would believe it.

It has become common with ISP's to disallow users to connect to remote SMTP servers and to insist that the users use the ISP's own email servers, mostly to be able to control outgoing spam.

The first thing to do is to get a conventional Internet email program, like Outlook Express, the BAT, Eudora, Netspace mail to work with that outgoing mail server using the same Internet connection. Then look at all the settings required to make it work, and transfer them into your Postie program.

Perhaps if you were using an authenticated account (where userid and password is required to send email) then it might let the email through.


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