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kSendText Error 10013

 Keywords: kSendText Error 10013 550 Relay Authenication 


I have a script that works correctly in xp pro but when I use my windows 7 box, i get the following error: "Could not connect to server:, error= -10013". i am using the latest extender. any ideas?
host = ""
fromaddr = "
userid = ""
password = "" 
port = ""
tolist = "" 
cclist = ""
bcclist = ""
Subject = "Test"
attachments = ""
flags = "h"

kSendText(subject, "this is a test" ,attachments ,flags)
msg = kStatusInfo()
message("msg", msg)
name = AskLine("Sending email", "Email Sent", msg, 0)


Start by checking all of the settings for that account in Outlook.

For example, does the outgoing SMTP server require authentication? If it does require authentication then you will need to specify the userid and password in your kInit statment and specify the flag 'e' in your kSendtext Statment. It would also be wise to look into these possiblities:

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