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kSendText Error 10061 when Crystal Reports is Installed

Keywords: 	 Postie Crystal Reports kSendText Error 10061


I'm having a problem with the Postie Extender sending emails. When I install Crystal Reports 8.5, I can no longer send an email using the Postie Extender. I get a message that indicates Error 10061: "cannot login to email server" .

I'm comfortable that the problem is caused by the CR8.5 installation because I can send an email without a problem before, can't send after the installation and when I do a complete system recovery (to remove CR8.5), I can send again.

Has anyone seen this problem? Please let me know, thanks!

Thanks in advance.


For those of you that wish to use Postie with Crystal Reports installed on a PC:

When you install Crystal Reports, it installs Crystal Web Services. Installing web services is not optional... they are installed along with Crystal Report Designer. The specific web service that is causing the the problem is the 'info-aps' client. Info-aps normally runs on a server and accepts requests on port 6400. Somehow, Postie messages are being redirected from the standard SMTP port of 25 to port 6400.

The problem seems to be related to the use of the getservbyname() function. Specifically, most network-oriented programs take whatever the user supplies as the port number and runs it through the getservbyname() function. This function (which may be being called 'under the covers' by some application-level API function call) translates "symbolic" port names to hard numbers. So, if you pass it "smtp", it translates that to 25.

What we have found is that, if Crystal Reports is "active", if you pass "25" to getservbyname(), it returns "6400" However, if I pass getservbyname() "smtp", it (correctly) returns "25".

The solution is to use the string "smtp" as the port in the kInit Postie call, instead of "25".

Why Crystal Reports is taking steps to translate a text string of "25" to its own port is best left to the imagination...

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