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kSendText not Sending Emails and Port Issues

Keywords:   kSendText ports


I've writte a script that uses the Postie Extender to send e-mail.

The .WBT version of the script works perfectly. The compiled version does not send email (the rest of the script works!). Is this a known issue?

I'm using:

kInit (host, fromAddress, userID, password, port) ; Using IMAP!
kStatus Info indicates the error appears to come from the fact that I use the postie extender in the first place to do some NNTP posting. (port 119).

After that posting, I want the results emailed to me. (port 25).

I reckon I have to do a second kInit (after the NNTP posting) and specify port 25? (I tried to do a second kInit withouth specifying the port, but kStatusInfo still comes up with 'server:119')

I reckon there should be a kClose or something?! Any ideas?


Hmmm. That sources reasonable. Give a second kInit a try. Try *not* specifying the port at all and see if that works.

If not, try specifying port 25 and see if that helps.


I tried this:
kInit (.... , "25")
That worked. So I had to do a re-kInit. You MUST specify a port, if you don't it'll still use the old port of the previous kInit.
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