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Error 510 pSetPrtInfo


The following script was able to find the target printer and report the current port of it. However, the pSetPrtInfo command failed to change the port of the target printer. It returned an error of 510 Error Setting Printer Information.

What is wrong in the script ?

Background info:

OS = W2K
Winbatch Compiler = 2002G
Extender=Printer Extender
Task = Using pSetPrtInfo()to change the port.
CurPrinterLst=pGetPrtList( 0)
Targetprinter="HP LaserJet 5Si"
PrnExist=ItemLocate (CurPrinterLst, Targetprinter, @tab)
tPrtPort=pGetPrtInfo( Targetprinter, 4)
CPPResult=pSetPrtInfo(Targetprinter, 4, "COM2")


What extended error information does this return? Try using pGetErrorCode and pGetErrorMsg to get the extended error.
CPPResult=pSetPrtInfo(Targetprinter, 4, "COM2")
If CPPResult == 0
	errcode = pGetErrorCode()
	errmsg = pGetErrorMsg()
	Message(errcode, errmsg)

User Reply:

I received the 1796 error code "The specified port is unknown"


Its doesn't seem to like, the port name your passing it. The error 1796 The specified port is unknown (ERROR_UNKNOWN_PORT) is a Windows error. Maybe set the printer up how you like it manually, then use pGetPrtInfo to read the port value and see what it returns.

User Reply:

I've found cause of the problem. I specified the port value wrong. It should have the colon at the end as part of the port value.

The line should read:

CPPResult=pSetPrtInfo(Targetprinter, 4, "COM2:")

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File Created: 2017:07:28:13:58:37
Last Updated: 2005:02:18:12:19:58