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FileCopy and Landscape Mode Attribute



I have the following script, where I'm setting the printer to Landscape mode, and then sending the file to the printer.

I see that the Landscape setting is taking effect in Windows, but the file is not printing still printing in Portrait mode. Any ideas?


pSetPrtAttrib("Orientation", 2)  ; set to landscape mode
FileCopy("c:\temp\zinfile.txt", "\\TESTTECH\Laser4", @false)


FileCopy bypasses the Windows settings and is routed raw directly to a location - Windows is not involved.

You will need to look into your printer documentation (PCL or whatever language your printer is) to determine the escape sequences necessary. So the printer is using whatever internal default settings it has. (You can check what they are by going through the printer menu directly at the printer.)

You can then either create a file with these escape sequences and send them to the printer first, or put the escape sequences at the beginning of your file.

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