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Rev 44008  Aug 3, 2011
     Fixed RasItemize to support current platforms. 

Rev 44007  Sep 23, 2008 
    The RAS extender has been updated to a new format to allow more descriptive function names and
	 additional parameters.  This version of the extender requires WinBatch 2004B or newer to run.  This
    extender will not work on WinBatch 2004A or older. In addition, so as not to affect existing scripts 
	 using a previous version of this extender, the extender DLL has been renamed to include a 44I in 
	 the DLL name instead of a 34I.  Old and new versions of this extender can *usually* co-exist side 
	 by side.
	 To use the new extender with old scripts and with WinBatch 2004B or newer you will need to change the
	 AddExtender line in the script to reflect the new DLL name.   e.g.


	 should become

	 WWWBATCH.INI is now placed in the [Application Data]\WinBatch\Settings directory, instead of in the 
	 Windows directory. You can obtain the [Application Data] directory using ShortCutDir function with the 
	 shell folder name 'AppData'. 

Rev 10006   Nov 21st, 2002   
    Further fixed a problem with RasListActCon returning error 218 on NT 4. Updated RasEntrySet and
	 RasEntryInfo to support Windows XP elements.
Rev 10005  June 6, 2002
     Added the RasDialInfo function

Rev 10004   January 15th, 2002 
     Improved last error checking to RasDial and RasCopy. RasDial now checks for a known 
     phonebook entry.  

Rev 10003   Nov.7th, 2001
     Added new function RasGetConStat. RasGetConStat retrieves accumulated connection 
     statistics for the specified connection.

Rev 10002   September 26, 2001  
     Fixed RasNumCons and RasListActCon to recognize multiple 
     connections. Also fixed bad error message in RasNumCons.
     Changed from 
        '218: RasListActCon failed' 
        '222: RasNumCons failed'.

Rev 10001   March 15, 2001 
    Major revisions.
	 Fixed RasItemize to support all platforms. 
	 Fixed RasEntrySet to accept a device type other than modem. 
	 RasEntryAdd Make sure device type specified.
	 Added 'all' element to RasEntryInfo.
	 Added 'save password' checking to RasCopy.
	 RasEntryAdd added savepassword flag.

Rev 10000   Dec 12, 2001
    initial release. 
	 Windows NT/2000: Requires Windows NT 4.0 or later.
     Windows 95/98: Requires Windows 95 OSR2 or later.

Rev prerelease July 1, 2000
     began developments.

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