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RasDial 702 Error Ras Entry with Terminal Window


RasDial function is failing when attempting to connect using a Ras Entry the has a Terminal Window. I keep receiving error 702.


Apparently the RasDial.exe and the Ras Extender functions both 'choke' when a Ras Entry has a Terminal window.

Apparently you can use the SWITCH.INF file to automate the log on process to intermediary or remote third-party devices, instead of using the manual RAS Terminal screen. SWITCH.INF was designed for automated communication with non-X.25 devices, such as intermediary, third- party security devices, or in Windows NT RAS 3.5 or later, Internet access providers (which usually require user identification before access to the Internet is permitted).

Please see the following Microsoft tech article for details.;en-us;125975

Article ID:   W16360
File Created: 2017:07:28:13:58:40
Last Updated: 2005:02:18:12:20:01