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RasDial with 2 ISDN Channels


I try to use rasDial to connect an existing ISDN RAS Connection (test), I get two channels the first time but only one channel the second time. If I do a manually connection I get two channels (128K) every time.

The "Test" connection is configured for two channels! and I use Windows 2000 SP2

Script sample:

Password = AskPassword("Password", "Enter valid password")
connectionhandle = rasDial("test","","",Password,0)


Not sure. The RasDial function simply dials the prexisting Ras entry. The RasDial function has no concept of 'channels'.

I recommend checking the return value of RasDial. If its zero call RasGetLastErr to determine if any errors occur...

connectionhandle = rasDial(entryname,"","","",0)

if connectionhandle == 0

  err = rasGetLastErr ()

  message("Connection error",err)



User Reply:

Yes I know itís why I get so confused. The script get me connected without errors but only with one channel instead of two when I do a manually connection. I really like to find a solution to my problem because we have over 200 computers running the dialer script. Do you know any other way to call an existing RAS connection? I want to thank you in advance for your solution


I think I tracked down the problem, in the following MS knowledge base article:

RasDial() Does Not Connect Dual Channels with Some ISDN Adapters;en-us;200531

Apparently...when you use the RasDial function to initiate a Remote Access Services (RAS) connection over an Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) adapter, a connection to only one channel may be created (instead of a connection to two or more channels).

As a work around...use the Rasphone.exe command-line tool to call the Dial-Up Networking phonebook. For additional information about using Rasphone.exe, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

125393 Rasphone and RasDial: Tips and Differences;EN-US;125393

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