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RasEntrySet Ras Copy Problem

 Keywords: RAS Copy Options Security RasEntrySet 


There appears to be a problem with RasEntrySet surrounding the bit flags in the Options section. I am running Windows 2000 and when I run the following code, the copy does not work correctly. When looking at the values between the source and the copy, the 'option' bit values are different.

; Similar to a RASCOPY, but creates an entry 
; from scratch using the information retrieved 
; from an existing entry
list = RasItemize() 
entryname = AskItemlist("Choose a RAS entry",list,@TAB,@UNSORTED,@SINGLE)

Arr_Values = Arrayize(allinfo,"|")
Valuecount = ArrInfo(Arr_Values,6)

elementlist4= "type|encryptiontype|customauthkey|customdialdll|vpnstrategy"

List_Elements = strcat(elementlist,elementlist2,elementlist3,elementlist4)
Arr_Elements = Arrayize(List_Elements,"|")
Elementcount = ArrInfo(Arr_Elements,6)

;initalize structure ***IMPORTANT**

For x = 0 to Valuecount-1

newentryname="MyCopy of %entryname%"

;Add New entry
RasEntryAdd(newentryname, "", "", "", 0)
Message("Done","New Ras Entry Created")


Yes I have also seen this problem. It seems as though any Ras entry created with the Ras APIs, seem to have the RASEO_Custom flag automatically set. I am not sure why this is. After an exhaustive search, as to why the RASEO_Custom option flag gets automatically set on Win2000, I have come up with nothing.

It seems as though RasSetEntryProperties API is some how modifying the option flags as a 'public service'. It seems to be connected to whether or not some other flags are set.

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