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     Run the SETUP.WBT file to install the extender for you.

Version 18000 Dec 01, 2000 Beta Release.

Version 18001 Jan 01, 2001 New Beta Release.

Version 18002 Feb 06, 2001 New Release.

Version 18003 Apr 20, 2001 Fixed problem where Reggie would hang if looktype=0 (all types) and lookat=7 (keys, values, dataitems). As a side note: Tested the time for Reggie to return all entries under the root of, say, RegCurrent, e.g., topsub="\", and return all types (looktype=0), and lookat=0 (return all registry entries under a specified subkey). Expect Reggie to churn for around 63 secs on your average Pentium II or Celeron vintage 2K machine.

Version 18004 Mar 12, 2002 Fixed memory re-allocation problem. Now Reggie can return huge strings of subtree information. This proved especially helpful when specifying a lookat parameter of 0, which allows you to return entire registry subtrees regardless of a matching search string.

Version 18007 July 1, 2008 Fixed rRegSearch (looktype = 0) Reg_Multi_Sz search issue, where the value was only returned if the search string matched the first part of the Reg_Multi_Sz string.

Version 18008 July 14, 2008 Fixed a problem that caused rRegSearch to crash if a REG_SZ value that contained 520 or more characters of data.

Version 18009 Sept 5, 2008 Fixed a stack overflow problem that caused rRegSearch to crash.

Version 18010 Sept 4, 2013 64-bit port. Added the new rRegView function to control the registry view searched by the rRegSearch function. rRegView(i:view) view - 0 Use the default view ( 32-bit view for the 32-bit extender and 64-bit view for the 64-bit extender.) 32 Use the 32-bit view. 64 Use the 64-bit view. The rRegView function returns the previous view setting. The function has no effect when called on systems running the 32-bit only version of the Windows OS. Fixed mulitiple crash bugs and added support for key paths longer than 259 characters.

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