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64 Bit Registry

 Keywords:  64 Bit 64-Bit Registry WOW6432Node Redirection RegtOpenFlags


Is the extender "WWREG34I.DLL" only 32 bit? I can not get it to work on a 64 bit Vista OS.

I am trying to search in the registry of a 64 bit OS (Vista)and WWREG34I.DLL rRegSearch) only sees WOW6432Node (32 bit section).

RegOpenFlags(2) does not seam to apply to WWREG34I.DLL.

Just wondering if I am totally missing something or is this extender only good for WOW6432Node.


The WinBatch registry functions have supported switching between the 32-bit and 64-bit view of the registry since version 2005E. However, the Reggie extender only supports the 32-bit view of the registry and has not been ported to 64-bit. You must use RegOpenFlags and the other standard WIL Registry functions, instead.

There are several other methods that can be used with WinBatch to search the registry. One very good alternative is MSFT's LogParser tool. It is a COM Automation server so it is relatively easy to integrate it into WinBatch scripts, it's free, it's fast and it can search the registry. It can be found here It is a popular tool so there is a lot of on-line documentation and discussion related to the product.

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