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12163 error trying to trying to open an FTP session



When running a program using the Inet extender on a Win2K machine, I get an error number '12163' returned when trying to open an FTP session. This error is not listed in the extender help file, nor is it listed on MSDN on the web. The error does not occur if I connect over DUN and then run the command line FTP program. The error does not occur when I run the utility as 'Administrator', so I can see it must be some kind of security issue, but the two questions are: 1. What is the description for that error number in WinInet (and why isnt it on MSDN) and 2. What could cause one user to be able to use FTP servers and another to not.


Error 12163


It seems to think you are not connected to the Internet when you attempt the program. Perhaps the Admin account is set to auto-dial the internet and the test account is not? Perhaps look into the iDial command.


The problem was that IE was set to work offline! Turning this off fixed the problem!
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