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Automating Web Forms with Cookies

Keywords:   web forms cookies wininet


I am looking into using winbatch with/without the extensions to automate a process to fill out and submit the same web form X amount of times. The web form is on a secure web server, ie SSL, and is sending cookies back to the client.

In looking over the material here, it appears that using winbatch alone to run the browswer would be difficult. It seems that using the extensions, eg winInet, would allow me to grab the form via https and then parse it and return the info via POST.

However, do you know if I will run into trouble when the server sends back cookies in response to me submitting the form?

If so, it seems as if I will need to looking at running winbatch to run the browser, how difficult would that really be?


The WinInet Dll handles cookies just fine. With luck you will not even need to get a browser involved. WinInet can more or less emulate MSIE 4.0 It uses most of the MSIE 4.0 settings, including what it does with cookies and cache's.
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