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Change Phone Number of Connectiod-Ras entry

 Keywords:  idial RasDial


I am trying to script dial up using iDial in Wininet extender. This application require a variable prefix for phone number like 8 or 9 or sometimes 1+area code etc. Is there any method I can override the phone number using iDial. Is there any other extender which allow me dial up with phone number override.

I appreciate any help.


There is no function in the WinInet extender that allows you to dial, using a modified number.

The Ras Extender distributed with the 2001 version or newer, of WinBatch, has a function RasDial, which allows you specify a new phone number or to use the existing phone number.

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File Created: 2017:07:28:12:58:45
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