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Error 12045 Invalid Certificate

Keywords: 	 error 12045 invalid certificate


How do I avoid / bypass the Security Alert from Invalid certificate with WinBatch? I am using the following code to connected and it used to work until they change certificate. Not I get 12045 as error. Please advice, thanks.
connecthandle=iHostConnect(tophandle, host, @HTTPS, "abc", "123")
datahandle=iHttpInit(connecthandle,"GET","/","", 0)
rslt = iHttpOpen(datahandle, "", 0, 0)


Well you can try adding a 1+2+4 for the last parameter in the iHttpInit statement.

But that probablt will not work for a truly bad certificate. It only forgives minor errors.

You probably have to attach to the web site with MSIE and tell MSIE that you like their certificate and truct it. Maybe you need a Root Certificate Update from the Microsoft Products Update.

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