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Error 307 File Access Failed

 Keywords: Error 307 File Access Failed iContentFile Binary Buffer BinaryAlloc BinaryFree Resource Memory ERROR_NO_SYSTEM_RESOURCES 1450 ReadFile


I seem to be having a very strange issue when trying to do an iContentFile for a file to post to a site. Does this function have a limit? The error 307 I am getting seems very strange to me. Am I just missing something? This code has worked for YEARS with no issue. Please find included a snippet of the debugged code
(194329) VALUE INT => 73637304

(194339) VALUE INT => 75637304

(194349) VALUE BINBUF => 987659

(194359) VALUE INT => 0

(194359) VALUE STRING => "738525216"

(194359) VALUE INT => 0

endofcontent = iContentFile(bbaddr, endofcontent, "fileName", "o:\employees\work\singlefile.xml", "text/plain")
(236580) VALUE INT => 0

TERMINAL EXTENDER ERROR=>307 (307: File Access Failed)

;;;END OF JOB;;;

---------- Begin structure stack dump ----------
  1 for                88 For countrt = 1 to numruntimes   reconees.wbt
  2 if                 96 If StartTime > startruntime &... reconees.wbt
  3 for               298 For count = 1 to countfile       reconees.wbt
  4 else              312 If bb == 2                       reconees.wbt
-------- End structure stack dump --------

---------- Begin WWWBATCH.INI dump ----------
LastError=1450 (iContentFile(ReadFile))

----------- End WWWBATCH.INI dump -----------


The last error indicates 1450 (iContentFile(ReadFile)). It is failing while it is attempting to read the file with the Windows System error ERROR_NO_SYSTEM_RESOURCES Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service. Make sure your code is freeing the binary buffer allocated with BinaryAlloc, using the BinaryFree function. If your code is missing that BinaryFree you could be creating a memory leak over time that causes this issue. If it is missing be sure to add the BinaryFree then reboot the system to restore the memory. Test again.

User Reply:

Well, that did the trick. I have rebooted and I am now doing the BinaryFree and everything is back to normal. Thanks for the help.
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