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Error 321 iFtpFindNext failed

 Keywords:  Error 321 iFtpFindNext failed


I got this error:
WIL Extender Error: 321: iFtpFindNext failed
on line:
Does that mean that something went wrong with the extender, or that possibly it wasn't connected to the FTP site (even though it shouldn't have gotten that far in my code without being connected to the FTP site)? It happens about twice/week on an automated program that runs 12 times/day. Maybe the FTP connection got interrupted somehow? oh, and iFtpFindInit returns something other than a zero before it gets to the iFtpFindNext command.


First make sure you are running the latest version of the Wininet extender.

This error can occur if there are no more files to process.

I assume you are executing the iFtpFindNext statement in a 'while' loop. Make sure the statement following the iFtpFindNext is [ if file=="" then break ]

if file=="" then break
This causes the script to break from the loop when there are no more files left to process.

User Reply:

I was running an older version of the Wininet extender (25044). I updated to the latest version (25053) and that seemed to solve the issue.
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