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Ftp Issue with Large File Transfers


I have had no trouble in the windows environment with the ftp extender until recently. Retrieving files from a windows ftp site, everything works fine on files 1MB or smaller, but now the 5MB files transfer, but the program gets stuck on receiving response from the server as the message shows on the progress dialog. Using DSL on both systems. Nothing has changed that I am aware of. There is no problem if the receiving machine is on the same network as the server. Just across the internet and only on large files. Any ideas?

wb ver:2005B
extender wwint44.dll ver: 40077

Systems on both end are highspeed DSL (means 384KB upload). 5MB file transfers show 100% on the progress bar and physically show up as readable files on the receiving server. However, the status message continues to show as receiving response. On the local intranet, all works fine.


To reiterate the issue:
You are successfully getting the file from the FTP server. But the problem you are having is with the iFTPDialog. The progress bar on the dialog is not updating correctly. Is this correct?

Something to consider:
You are using iFtpDialog "auto" option (3) and you are attempting to pass the file size retrieved from the function iFtpFindNext, to iFtpDialog function, inorder to update the progress bar.

What if the line:

fSize = Itemextract(3,remote_srcfile,@TAB)
Was NOT successfully grabbing the filesize. This could potentially confuse the iFtpDialog. Minimize the code to only that code which reproduces the problem you are seeing. Then add DebugTrace(@on,"trace.txt") to the beginning of the script, run it until it errors then post the resulting trace file here.

User Reply:

Here is what I have come up with after additional testing. Using a highspeed hosting site, the transfers NEVER fail to work when the DSL side also has a fast download speed. The site giving me fits has a slow DSL connection and it fails only on large downloads. At this point, I am going to ask the customer to consider upgrading the DSL connection because his other two locations have faster lines and they work without fail using the same code. Maybe this is not the software solution, but it is a solution to his problem.


Perhaps it is a time-based problem. Does the error occur at any specific amount of time after the download starts? Perhaps at a 5 minute point or something? The problem seems to be that transmission of data would just *stop* for a period of time greater than a tcpip protocol timeout period.

User Reply:

The problem is a slow connection that just hangs on large files. I can easily pump 500 files of varying lengths & 300MB in total size no problem when both ends offer some speed. If one of them is slowing the connection down too much, they lose their grip. Line speed tests proved the line was slow. AT&T also ran tests and said the connection was running at dialup speed instead of highspeed DSL. Case closed.
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