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IE4 Dlls needed for using Wininet extender on Win95 (MORE)

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I'm using the wwint34I extender to do some FTP stuff. I generate a big exe file, and it works on many computers, but on others, I get the following messages:

(Title) "Wil extender load error" (body) "Extender DLL is invalid. You may be trying to load a 16-bit DLL from a 32 bit application or a DLL designed for Windows NT from Win95 or vice versa."

(Title) "3437: AddExtender: Extender DLL load failed (make sure 16/32 bit type matches)" (body) "AddExtender("wwint34I.dll"), Winbatch 32 2000C, Wil version: 3.0cbv"

I'm running Win95 in a Netware 4.11 environment. The documentation says I need Explorer 4 for the extender to work properly. But this is always the case on my PCs. I even re-installed IE4 with no success. Strangely, it worked after installing IE5.

My problem is I don't want to install IE5 on all PCs! I have tried to track down which DLLs this extender really needs, but with no success. I wish this Winbatch extender was truly standalone and would not need obscure settings or unknown DLL (or at least would tell exactly which DLL should be present or upgraded). Any hint is appreciated.


Maybe try downloading the latest version of the WinInet Extender from our website. The current DLL name is wwint34i.dll.

You will need to modify the following line in the script, as follows...


Then recompile with the new extender.

NOTE: WinInet relies on many DLL's. I am not absolutely sure what dlls are required, here is an semi educated *GUESS*...


NOTE: The license agreement with IE4 and above says that you have to install IE in order to distribute any component of it.

If you choose to use the WinInet Extender, You will need to run the install IE 4.0 newer, inorder for us to support it.

If you would prefer to execute internet type of operations, without the requirement to run on a certain platform or to require the support of Internet Explorer 4.0. I would suggest using the WinSock Extender.

Finally, I am not sure why you are still receiving those errors, my inital guess is that there is a corrupted version of the wwint34I.dll some where on the system path. This problem can be solved by downloading the latest version of the Wininet extender...

Question (cont'd):

I have tried wwint34i.dll but it doesn't work either. As for the Dll list, I'm not sure I want to replace them anyway, because of possible side effects.


More info from Microsoft web site....
Applications that use WinInet (WININET.dll), URL Monikers (URLMON.dll), the Web Browser Control (SHDOCVW.dll), or any other Internet Explorer 4.0 technology require at least the minimal install of Internet Explorer 4.0 on Users' systems in order to work correctly. The Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) can be used to produce a redistribution of Internet Explorer.

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