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Removing Empty Directories with FTP


Has anyone put together some code to recursively remove empty directories using ftp. I have been using iftpfindnext() to remove the files, but iftpfindnext returns "" if the directory patch contains no files. So, I end up with my files deleted, with a directory tree that is empty.

I know that Iftpdirremove will remove the directory. When you recurse the directory with iftpfindnext it gives you the names of the files recursively. Any directories that are empty never get returned. Therefore I don't know about them and can't issue the iftpdirremove.

I was wondering how I could move through the directories and remove them you have to do them one at a time. I actually thought I could do it with iftpfindnext.


The WinInet extender does not give you the names of empty directories. If you manage to get an empty directory that you want to delete... well the extender cannot help you.

However if you have a directory tree that you want to delete, and every directory has a file in it, then you can simply make a list of directories to delete later.

So as you delete files, save off the directories into a list, then when done deleting files, delete the directories IN REVERSE ORDER.

Alternatively, you could use the iFtpCmd function to do a 'ls' and parse the output then use iFtpDirRemove.

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File Created: 2017:07:28:13:58:48
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