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WinInet and OpenVMS Problem

 Keywords: OpenVMS OpenMVS 

The ftp*() functions in the Winsock extender will allow the raw directory listing to be obtained using the ftpList() function. The results are returned in an output file on the local system and will need to be parsed in some way to make them useful. You'd lose the progress indicator "thermometer" by switching from WinInet to Winsock in terms of the extenders being used, and you'd also have to write more code to process the directory listings, but you could make it work properly with your existing FTP server on your OpenVMS system.

In terms of the WinInet extender, unfortunately, I can see now that there won't be any sort of quick fix for the problem. It turns out that after looking in more detail into the OpenVMS support news groups on Usenet, there is a known bug in IE w/respect to how it requests directory listings, and this bug specifically affects the way that the output from most FTP servers on OpenVMS is handled. There's no fix for it other than to change the actual FTP server being used on OpenVMS such that Unix-style directory listing output is sent to the FTP client. One such product is the MagGoat FTP server. IIRC, all of the MadGoat products for OpenVMS are freeware/shareware and links to them can be found at

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